Sunset Vista Park


The conceptual Sunset Vista Park is a proposed neighborhood public space that is located on the west side of Buena Vista in the Sunset Vista IV neighborhood between Grouse Road and Raven Way and west of Larissa Lane.  For several years, Buena Vista has been working with the community to fine-tune potential park designs to fulfill the growing needs of our Town 

This area in Buena Vista is a fast-growing part of our community. The nearest park (McPhelemy Park) is 1.5 miles away from the proposed park, which makes Sunset Vista Park a much-needed space to relax and recreate for many local residents.

In both 2017 and 2019, the Town applied for GOCO (Great Outdoors Colorado) Grants to fund the construction of this park project.  We came up just short of qualifying each time around.  We may have an opportunity to go back to GOCO and to look into other funding organizations in the future to help make this concept a reality. We will need our community’s help and input to make this project a success. 

We are looking for individuals that would be willing to share ideas, thoughts, and concepts to make this space the best it can be for our town.  If you are willing to assist, please reach out. The Town will offer both informal and formal gatherings to help guide us into the future with this great space.  We know it takes a village to make BV great, and we have one heck of a village here in Buena Vista.

Thank you.

Earl Richmond, Recreation Director

719 395 2408 or

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