Vision & Mission

The Buena Vista Recreation Department’s vision is to serve the local community by facilitating affordable and inclusive recreational opportunities.

Our mission is to support individuals’ well-being by:

  • Facilitating recreation programs that inspire a variety of interests including sports, outdoor recreation, fitness, and fine arts.          
  • Providing oversight to special events to ensure public safety and community engagement. 
  • Encouraging stewardship of our local recreation resources.
  • Engaging with the Recreation Advisory Board to address the evolving needs of the community.



Sports leagues or recurring athletic programs. This includes softball, basketball, volleyball, pickleball, and other recreational and competitive leagues.

Outdoor Rec

Nature-based programs aimed at community engagement & conservation like group bike rides, 4x4 meet ups, cross country skiing, or trail building.


Organized activities aimed at physical fitness and health. This includes yoga, group workout classes, swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, and more.

Special Events

Local community events that focus on recreation activities. Examples include concerts, tournaments & races.

Special Interests

Fun programs geared toward special topics of interest like bridge, seniors, dog lovers, or children's play groups.

Fine Arts

Recurring activities focused on artistic expression such as weekly art classes, music lessons, and dance classes.

Recreation Staff

Shane Basford

Recreation Director

Office: 719-395-2408
Cell: 719-581-0412

Email Shane

Jill Maher

Admin Assistant

Office: 719-395-1939

Email Jill

Earl Richmond

Special Projects Manager

Office: 719-221-1461

Email Earl

Annie Carlson

Special Events Coordinator

Office: 719-581-1029

Email Annie

Tucker Wildeson

Program Coordinator

Office: 719-581-1051

Email Tucker

Ryan Vaughn

Program Coordinator

Office: 719-581-1052

Email  Ryan

Jack Spady

Recreation Program Assistant

Office: 719-581-1055

Email Jack

Recreation Advisory Board Mission and Responsibilities

The Recreation Advisory Board is a volunteer group of local citizens who voice the community’s recreation needs to the Recreation Department, Town Administration, and Board of Trustees. Their vision is based on the belief that physical well-being is a cornerstone to a vibrant community and a high quality of life.

The mission of the Recreation Advisory Board is to enrich the lives of the Buena Vista residents and guests through recreation. They aim to accomplish this goal through programming, advising on new facilities and upkeep of existing facilities, facilitating communication and collaboration with citizens/town staff, and supporting community events.

  • The Recreation Advisory Board’s responsibilities are to make recommendations to the Recreation Department and Board of Trustees regarding the operation, improvement, and maintenance of the Town’s recreation programs and facilities, and to bring to the attention of the Board of Trustees any matter pertaining to the Town’s recreation programs and facilities. As a voice of the community, board members are expected to bridge dialogue between town government and our citizens. When applicable, additional duties may include engaging as a point person on special projects to assist and mentor through the process.
  • The Recreation Advisory Board has seven (7) voting members and two (2) alternates who are appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Recreation Advisory Board also includes the Recreation Staff and a designated Board of Trustees member, both of whom serve as non-voting ex officio members.
  • Recreation Advisory Board guiding documents: Recreation Master Plan and River Park Master Plan.
  • The Recreation Advisory Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 7:30 AM at the BV Community Center.
  • Please contact the Recreation Director with any questions –

Recreation Advisory Board Members


McKenzie Lyle, Chair

Marcus Trusty, Vice Chair

Rick Bieterman

Danielle Ryan

Luke Urbine

Kelly Matkovich


Ashley Davis



Trustee Liaison

Devon Rowe


Ex Officio Members

Shane Basford, Recreation Director

Agenda and Minutes

Please CLICK HERE to review the Agenda and Minutes of the Recreation Advisory Board.

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