Adopt-A-Trail Program

The purpose of this volunteer program is to appoint, to each of our Buena Vista town trails, a steward who will help us in caring for and maintaining the character of our local outdoor resources. The assigned trail adopter will provide feedback to Town regarding needed remediation and suggestions for improvements and repairs.

How It Works

Anyone interested in the outdoors is welcome to help with reporting and passing along the information to the Town so that Town can best assist in maintaining these resources. Adopters commit to one year, and your section should be monitored at least once a month.

  • Trails can be adopted by individuals, families, businesses, and community organizations.
  • Adopters can pick one (or more!) trail(s). See attached map.
  • Adopters are encouraged (but not required) to take an active role in minor trail issues, such as trash and/or dog-waste pickup.

Adopters will be contacted through email once a month, reminding them to submit their observations on their section of trail. An online reporting form will be provided via Google Forms, with downloadable hard copies also being available if needed. Observations will reference larger trail issues, such as drainage, erosion, major brush or weeds, signage needs or damage, and excessive dog waste. Basic training for adopters will be provided annually along with the distribution of any essential supplies for our volunteers.

At the end of your one-year timeline, the adoption agreement can be renewed, transferred to a different section, or may be terminated by either Town or the volunteer/group.


We could not accomplish our goals as a Town without the amazing efforts of our local citizens and volunteer groups. The Town of Buena Vista will highlight the efforts of our Trail Adopters through updates and articles that will be distributed through our department’s robust email list and our social media channels. Thank you!

Adopt-A-Trail Application

To be a part of the Adopt-A-Trail Program, begin by applying via the electronic form below or by mailing a printed copy to the Town of Buena Vista, Attn: BV Recreation (PO Box 2002, Buena Vista, CO 81211) or drop it by Town Hall (210 East Main Street). THANK YOU.

The Buena Vista Recreation Department, with the assistance of the Trails Advisory Board, oversees this volunteer opportunity. The Trails Advisory Board membership list and mission are available on the Town website. Visitors are always welcome at Trails Board meetings. Meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm at the Buena Vista Community Center (715 E Main St).

Town of BV – Rec Department
PO 2002, BV CO 81211

List of Trails to be Adopted

  • Rodeo Road Bike Lane
  • Airport Trail
  • Peaks View Trail
  • Cottonwood Creek Trail
  • Arkansas River Trail
  • Zebulon Pike Trail
  • Railroad Trail
  • Whitewater Trail
  • Walton Loop
  • Rock n Roll Trail
  • Bridge to Bridge Trail
  • North Trail
  • South Trail
  • Whipple Trail
  • CR 304 from North Trail to South Trail

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