Adopt-A-Trail Program

The purpose of the program is to promote the sustainability and beauty of trails in Buena Vista by allowing volunteers to care for and maintain a section of trail. Volunteers provide feedback to the Town regarding needed remediation and suggestions for trail improvements. 

The Buena Vista Trails Advisory Board, with the assistance of the Public Works Department, runs the program. The Trails Advisory Board membership list is available on the Town website. Visitors are always welcome at Trails Board meetings. 

Meetings are always held the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm at the Public Works Department (755 Gregg Drive).

How It Works

Individuals, groups, families, businesses, and community / service organizations can adopt a trail. Anyone interested in the outdoors is welcome to help maintain this sustainable Town resource.

The adopting individual or group commits to a one-year period of adoption. At the end of that time, the adoption can be renewed, changed to a different section, or terminated. If there is a waiting list for a particular section of trail, after the one-year period of time has elapsed, the next in line for that section will be given the adoption opportunity. 

Adoption times for all sections of trail begin the 1st of June. 

Monitoring of your section should be done at least four times a year. Some sections of trail will need to be monitored more frequently depending on use and time of year. The Public Works Director will send out a reminder at the beginning of each quarter.

Volunteers are active in keeping trails free of debris, pruning small limbs, removing brush from the trail corridor, cleaning established drainage channels, covering “social trails”, and depositing dog waste in the nearest dog station. Volunteers are also responsible for notifying Public Works of any damage to the trail, offering maintenance suggestions, and recommending possible stair / path additions, memorial bench placement sites, and potential locations for Art in Public Spaces projects. 


Volunteers will be recognized in two ways:

An article in the paper will list specific trail sections and name the volunteers who work on each section.

The volunteer’s name will be posted on the Town website along with the description of each trail in the Town trail system.

Get Started!

Contact the Adopt-A-Trail Coordinator (contact information below) to set up a time to meet and discuss the benefits and requirements of trail adoption, to learn about sections open for adoption, and to complete the Adopt-A-Trail application.

Earl Richmond- Recreation Director

719-221-1461 or 719-395-2408



Adopt-A-Trail Application

To be a part of the Adopt-A-Trail Program, begin by applying by means of the electronic form below or by mailing a printed copy to the Town of Buena Vista, Attn: Public Works Director (PO Box 2002, Buena Vista, CO 81211) or drop it by Town Hall (210 East Main Street).

Adopt-A-Trail Program Volunteer Checklist

Thank you for volunteering for the Buena Vista Adopt-A-Trail Program! Keeping our local trails clean, safe, and maintained is vital to our trails system, and we couldn’t do it without our volunteers. We ask that you carry out the tasks below regularly (at least four times a year depending on the usage and condition of your trail section) in order to keep our trails in good repair. The Public Works Director will send out a quarterly reminder asking you to report on your section of trail.

  • Pick up all trash and dispose of it properly
  • Remove or cut away any weeds that encroach on the trail. Do not use sprays.
  • Remove any pet waste on, or adjacent to, the trail and replace bags in dog stations (if applicable).
  • Note any damaged, vandalized, or missing signs or dog stations.
  • Identify and report any social paths that deviate from the designated trail.
  • Assess any damage / erosion to the trail.
  • Check for any trail hazards or safety issues (rocks, roots, overhanging limbs, etc.)

Upon completion, please write any comments or concerns regarding your trail section in the “Observed Issues” space provided in the Checklist. Mail to the Town of Buena Vista, Attn: Recreation Director (PO Box 2002, Buena Vista, CO 81211) or drop it by Town Hall (210 East Main Street) at your convenience. Please contact the Recreation Department with any other concerns, problems, or trail improvement ideas at 719-395-2408 or at Thank you!

Download a PDF version of the Adopt-A-Trail Checklist below

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