Buena Vista Community Center

Public Showers

Location: 715 East Main Street, Buena Vista. Showers are in the outside entrance restrooms on the north side of the Community Center.

Hours: Open seven days a week, from 7am to 10pm.

Cost: $2 for 4 minutes. Quarters only – there are no change machines on site, please bring your own quarters.

Availability: First-come, first-served. There are two showers total, one in the men’s restroom and one in the women’s restroom.

Additional Details: Bring your own towels, toiletries, and quarters.

If you’d like to report issues with the restrooms or showers, please leave a message with the Parks Department at 719-581-1044.

General Information

Location: 715 East Main Street, Buena Vista

Hours: Reservation only. The Pinon Room, Aspen Room, and Kitchen can be rented within 60 days of your event.

Use: The Community Center can be utilized for meetings, presentations, events, and clubs. This location is not ideal for wedding events such as rehearsals, receptions, or dinners.

Rental Fees: See the “Room Details and Fees” section below for room-specific fees. Requested deposits and full rental fee payments must be received at least 24 hours before room use.

Alcohol Policy: Alcohol is NOT permitted on Town property, including the Community Center.

Internet: Open Wifi is available, and if your event requires a secure internet connection, we recommend bring your own hotspot.

Other Amenities: There is a swing set, slides, a jungle gym, musical play equipment and a circuit training workout outside adjacent to the Community Center to the north.

Parking: There is ample, free public parking at the Community Center.

Community Center Reservations

Reservations: The Pinon Room, Aspen Room, and Kitchen can be rented within 60 days of your event. The Town of Buena Vista Recreation Department is responsible for receiving applications and scheduling events at the Community Center. Reservation staff is available by phone at 719-395-1939, Monday-Friday from 8:00-4:00 pm for reservations and questions.

Reservation Procedure: We strongly encourage those wanting to rent the Community Center to utilize the online booking system. If you cannot book online, please allow 3-5 business days for a response from staff to contact you. Reservations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis and staff are experiencing an extremely high number of inquiries.

Reservation Priority List: Reservations for your desired date are not guaranteed. The following meetings and events are given priority of use when making reservations:

  1. Town Board of Trustees, Town Staff Meetings, Municipal Court, Chaffee County Commissioners, and other official local government meetings as determined by the Town Administrator.
  2. Programs, classes, meetings, and other activities as part of the Town of Buena Vista Recreation Department.
  3. Town Advisory Board meetings
  4. Events with and approved Special Event Permit from the Town of Buena Vista (able to reserve up to 12 months in advance).
  5. Meetings of local nonprofit organizations that are registered with the Colorado Secretary of State and have a Chaffee County address.

Room Details and Fees



  • approx 45′ x 45′ room size
  • MAX: 133 people (100 or less recommended

Available Equipment:

  • Chairs– 100
  • 5’ Round Tables– 3
  • 6’ x 30″ Plastic Tables (Rectangle)– 9
  • Flatscreen TV with HDMI for Displays


  • $90 (under 4 hours)
  • $160 (4 hours or more)
  • $100 Refundable Damage Deposit



  • approx 25′ x 40′ room size
  • MAX: 63 people (40 or less recommended)

Available Equipment:

  • Chairs– 50
  • 5’ Round Tables– 3
  • 6’ x 30″ Plastic Tables (Rectangle)– 9
  • Flatscreen TV with HDMI for Displays


  • $70 (under 4 hours)
  • $110 (4 hours or more)
  • $100 Refundable Damage Deposit



This commercial kitchen is great for hosting a cooking party, providing refreshments for a meeting, or cooking wedding meals– the possibilities are endless! Dishwashing facilities, stove, oven, refrigerator, and microwave are all available for use.  This is a small room and limited to up to 8 people.


  • Only rented out by entire day
  • $150 (4 hours or more)
  • $100 Refundable Damage Deposit  



The Town of Buena Vista does not operate any town-owned properties that are ideally suited for wedding related activities and has no wedding planners on town staff.

However, there are an almost unlimited number of private venues, planners, supporting agencies, and other resources that can help make your special day one to remember for the rest of your life!  Check out the links below for more information:

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